We believe in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ using biblical truths from the King James Bible to all those that will listen.  Crescent Springs Baptist Church is a place full of sinners come as you are we would love a chance to get to know you.


Crescent Springs Baptist Church was started in 1913, by a group of believers under a group of trees in what is now our church parking lot. Mr. Marks, a stone mason and Pastor Marksberry, a carpenter, and also the church’s first Pastor, together with several other
individuals built our church on land donated by Phoebe Anderson.

W. A. Lily was the first to be baptized in the baptistery, even before the roof was on the church. It was a happy day when the first service was held in the new building with its rough wood floors and the two foot by ten foot benches with no backs, and a dry goods box served as the pulpit. Several years later the Church added a bell tower and over the years there have been many additions and revisions.  The present sanctuary was built in 1967 and dedicated to our Lord and Savior in October of that year. Our comfortable building with upholstered pews is in sharp contrast to the wood benches with no backs.

There has been a lot of change in the Crescent Springs area since the humble beginnings of our church. The roads have gone from mud, to railroad ties, to the multi-lane thoroughfare we have now. The population has exploded and brought with it many new businesses, and it continues to grow. This church has been a vital part of this community for some time and
as God allows we will continue to be a vital part.


About The Crescent Springs Baptist Church Logo

When coming up with a more reflective church logo, we thought about what Crescent Springs Baptist Church means to not only us but our community and to the lost world. 

  • The color scheme was updated to be more traditional, warm and matching to the church

  • Our church started in 1913 which is represented by the tree roots – we are a deeply rooted lasting church in our community

  • Our first members met under a tree – this tree is still represented in our logo

  • Our church – a place of gathering, worship, fellowship and family

  • God Loves Us – represented by the branch heart above the church

  • We Love God – represented by the church steeple that is also an arrow pointed up through the heart to heaven


To see God through Jesus Christ deliver individuals from sin, disciple them into faithful followers of Jesus Christ, and make them leaders to spread the Glory of God to all nations.


Proclaiming the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all through every effective means available and by discipleship to the church and leading others to do the same.